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The I Ski and Ride app has tons of animations and images, along with coaching cues that are written and audio clips. For only $1.99, you can help yourself or others learn how to ski and snowboard using the most easy and contemporary methods.

For best results, take a lesson from a Certified Pro.

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I Ski and Ride Proven

This is Holly's first time on skis. She tried snowboarding a few times. See how quickly she progresses with the simplicity of the I Ski and Ride methodology.


I Ski and Ride Book

This full-color 'pocket' book has over 50 illustrations with accompanying Coaching Cues. The repetition and simple directives are easy to understand and perform. Subtle movements in the boot help to keep the skier and rider balanced.

This ISR guide can be purchased through any on-line book seller, or ordered directly through us.

I Ski and Ride Teaching Tools

Whether you are an instructor, coach, staff trainer, snowsports director, or resort manager, I Ski and Ride offers contemporary visual assets that create continuity within the learning environment at your resort. I Ski and Ride imagery has proven to transcend language barriers for clearer understanding and students learn quickly.

Foldable Coaching Cues

Resorts that are using the ISR program receive a pdf of abbreviated images and coaching reminders for instructors to use on the hill in their lessons.

On Hill Assets

Stages of learning posters can be placed on the hill for students and instructors to see. There are 8 posters for skiing and 6 for snowboarding.

Kidcomplishment System

A proven method utilizing Kidscomplishment Kards, coloring pages, and curriculum for teaching children quickly and easily.

This program will be available next season.

Coaching Posters or Video

Coaching posters include key coaching cues within each of the 14 on-hill posters. Videos of poster images are customized to the needs of the resort; creating a partnership in learning for their guests.

I Ski and Ride Author

Past competitive freestyle and alpine racing skier, Suzy Chase-Motzkin, has trained and certified ski instructors for over 30 years. Having taught thousands of first time skiers, Suzy developed a program that aligns first time movements with World Cup technique. After studying contemporary snowboarding, she drew a similar program for snowboarders. This program has proven to help people from all walks of life learn more quickly and easily. The skills developed through this program will carry the skier or rider through a lifetime of enjoyment.

#WOE (Women of the East) features rad #WCW worthy women leaders of the Eastern Division. This week please meet: Suzy...

Posted by PSIA/AASI-Eastern Division on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

I Ski and Ride Thanks

Their input and advice was helpful in the fine-tuning of I Ski and Ride's remarkable visual system.

  • SEAN WARMAN - USSA Alpine Race Coach/PSIA National Team
  • TED FLETCHER - AASI Examiner/Snowboard curriculum writer
  • BRIAN SMITH - PSIA National Team/Alpine Race Coach
  • ERIC LIPTON - PSIA National Team/COO Snow Operating
  • JUSTIN TOBIN - L3 ASSI/Staff Trainer
  • MATT BRIGGS - Freeride Coach/L2 AASI
  • KEVIN CLARKE - L3 PSIA/Staff Trainer
  • STEVEN FLAMMER - Full-time AASI certified snowboard instructor
  • DAMIAN ROSSMAN - Full-time AASI certified snowboard instructor

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