A few days ago, I was at my daughter and son-in-law’s housewarming party in New Jersey. My husband and I were talking to a couple who were there. The guy was a school buddy of our son-in-law. Someone else nearby asked me what I do. I explained that I teach ski instructors and coaches. Lots of people find that vocation to be fantastical and I agree, telling them how lucky I am to have been able to work in the snowsports industry.

The couple chimed in and declared they had just started skiing and have fallen in love with the sport. It excites me when I hear that and I asked them how they got started. They explained they had skied at Mountain Creek in NJ and Jack Frost in PA. They went on to say that they picked the sport up quickly after a Mountain Creek instructor told them to, “Lift the big toe.”

I laughed and slapped my knee, telling them I had developed the methodology. He stood and tried to remember which big toe, as he was describing his experience. I told him it is easy to remember, “All you need to know, is lift the toe on the side you want to go.”

They loved the easy reminder. I gave them a name of a Mountain Creek trainer who had understudied me, thinking he was the one who taught them. Nope. It was some other member of the staff. Inside, I was brimming with excitement. Knowing that two people were now hooked to the sport because of that easy coaching element. I took my phone out and showed them the I Ski and Ride app and highlighted the picture of the foot. They downloaded it and exclaimed they would share it with their friends. Mission accomplished!

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